Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Legs Do It! - Final Week!!

It's the final week of the Legs Do It! Challenge... and of course it's the busy week right before vacation. Here's my plan for this week; you'll notice I'm doing 3-days of sculpting/strength and integrating stretching in before/after. With the way my life tends to work out, I've found that incorporating my stretching into my routine this way is more in tune with how my life flows.

Tuesday: Sculpting
- 35 jumping jacks
- 100 total up/downs on the plyobox (50/leg)
- 25 lunges/leg (I think I'm a masochist... my legs are barely recovered from Saturday's lunges. But - I don't want super sore legs in FL next week, so I'm doing them now).
- 15 minutes legs only on the elliptical (3 minute intervals forward/backwards)
- Stretching before/after

Wednesday/Friday: Strength
- 20 minutes on the bike
- Weight machine routine
- Stretching before/after

Thursday: Running
It worked out really well to do my jog/walk routine before work last Thursday and shower here, so I think I am going to do that again.

Well that's that! It's been an awesome challenge and I'm looking forward to being more attentive to my legs in my workouts going forward. It's been great to have a bit more variety to my workouts as well; keeping the variety has kept it interesting!!

If I knew enough upper body/ab routines, I would offer up a challenge to people next month to work on those things... but I don't. So I think instead I'll just make a concerted effort to pay more attention to those areas during my exercising as well. It's all about honoring the body that God has given me!

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