Monday, February 8, 2010

"Legs Do It!" Challenge - Update!

Last week was the first week of the "Legs Do It!" Challenge - and my legs are on their way to getting whipped into shape. Here's where I landed:

Monday (Sculpting): I went to the gym after work and did the following (which was a slight modification, but still a good workout) -
8 minute elliptical warm-up
25 lunges per leg
35 jumping jacks
15 minutes on the elliptical, alternating every 5 minutes between backwards and forwards using ONLY lower body (no arms)
100 steps total (50 up on each leg) on the plyobox. For those of you who don't know what that is, here is a picture. I did the steps on the smallest one, which is about a foot tall (higher than a normal stair):
Tuesday (Stretching): Tuesday I did the Yoga video that I mentioned in my previous post and I learned that Yoga was hard. However, I also learned some life lessons when I reflected on my first Yoga experience - and that was awesome.

Thursday/Saturday (Strength): After a quick warm-up, I did some work on strengthening my legs using the weight machines at Planet Fitness (where I have my gym membership).

Challenging my legs was awesome and they felt great come Sunday. However - I am noticing that my upper body and core feel neglected, which means I need to be sure I'm incorporating those into my routine pretty soon as well.

Here's what my plan is for this week:

Tuesday: Sculpting - I will be repeating the same series of things I did above, as I was incredibly sore and felt that it gave my legs a good challenge.

Wednesday: Stretching - I'm not sure if I'll do the same Yoga video or find a more novice one to use. We shall see. Wednesday is supposed to be a snowy day, so that might be a good day for Yoga.

Thursday/Saturday: Strength - Same as last week. Potentially upping the weight on a couple of the machines depending on how I feel after sculpting. Last week it took from Monday night when I did it until Friday to stop being sore. But it'll be worth it!!!

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