Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Core Powerhouse

I attempted my first Yoga workout this week. I say attempted, because I learned that 1) I am not terribly flexible and 2) I am do not have enough balance to be successful in Yoga at the outset. I will say that the free online video I used was pretty good. The instructor was encouraging and offered options for both beginners and intermediate "Yogi".

As I was flopping around on our office carpet trying desperately to contort myself in the different positions presented, I tried to pay attention to what she was saying. As I was touching my ankle with one hand while the other was in the air, I couldn't help but take pause as she pointed to the center of her body and said "Remember to focus on your core. Make it nice and strong. The core is your powerhouse. Remember that."

This, of course, got me thinking about my "core". I know that my core is not as strong as it could be. I don't remember to do my ab workout every night. I often forget to maintain proper posture when I'm sitting or walking or standing. I don't focus nearly enough on strengthening and taking care of my core. Long-term, this is not good for my body and can cause all sorts of health and wellness problems. If I care about my well-being, I need to start paying more attention to the care I give to my body's core.

That of course got me thinking about Jesus.

In my daily life, I work to try to keep Jesus at the center. Of work. Of my marriage. Of the areas I serve in. Everything. But sometimes I forget. I'll slouch in the acts of living out my faith, or I'll forget to spend time in God's word when I wake up in the morning. Like our "core" is the center of our body, Jesus is to be the "core" or center of our lives. We are to turn our eyes to Him, to focus on Him, to make our relationship and walk with him nice and strong.

He is our powerhouse. And if we don't take care of our powerhouse by spending time in God's word, spending time in prayer, repenting of our sins, and living as Christ has called us to live - we are not taking care of our core. We are neglecting our powerhouse. And like our body's core, long-term this is not good for our soul, for our spiritual health, and is detrimental to our well-being.

I find myself - as I often do - with the harsh realization that I need to be super diligent about taking care of my cores. My physical and spiritual cores are important to the whole of me, and when they are not strong I am weak. When I can hold myself up with a strong physical core, look to the heavens and wave to Jesus knowing I'm not neglecting Him - then I will be in a much better place. I will have attained a true Core Powerhouse.

But I cannot say with confidence that either of my cores are strong; there are too many times in my life that I continue to be complacent. I will follow the words of the instructor in the Yoga video. I will continue to practice and not give up. Before I know it, I will have an amazing Core Powerhouse.

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