Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Legs Do It" & Adventures With My ENT - Double Update!

So - confession time.

Last week was an overall bust for Danielle with the "Legs Do It" challenge. I did my first day of paying attention to my legs on Tuesday (lunges, steps, etc.) - and then I ran into issues.

I think I mentioned in my first post about my sinus issues that I have a routine that I follow every night in terms of making sure I don't run into any problems. Well I ran out of Sudafed and didn't get to get to the store to get any, so I went two days without. I could feel this starting to catch up with me - and then I didn't give myself enough "upright" time with my nasal rinse. By Wednesday my sinuses were not in a good place, Friday I could feel myself starting to fight a cold on top of it - and Saturday I had a massive headache (probably unrelated, but still not a help).

Needless to say - we learned about what happens when Danielle strays from her routine that took her forever to arrive at. And while I did get to the gym, I did not get in the amount of leg-specific work that I wanted to. I got some time in on the elliptical just so that I could stay active - and was happy with that.

To close out the ENT update: I had a CT scan on 5th and was given a CD. Tomorrow afternoon I meet with my ENT doctor to go over the scans and see if I am to proceed on to meet with an allergist or not.

Now - On to the "Legs Do It!" challenge!

Monday/Wednesday: Strength
- 20 minutes on the bike (since that is concentrating mainly on the legs)
- Weight Machines (I was excited yesterday to note that my weight is increasing on a couple of machines - that made me happy).

Friday: Sculpting
- 25-30 lunges per leg (Going to see if I can push it - I didn't get much pain last week)
- 40 jumping jacks
- 100 steps/leg on the plyobox
- 15 minutes lower body ONLY on the Elliptical trainer (3 min. intervals front-back)

Saturday: Strength
- 30 minutes on the Elliptical
- Weight Machines

Rather than dedicate just one day for stretching, I am going to make sure I stretch every day both in the morning and at night. I find that I don't really have a good place to do Yoga at home, so this will be the best way for me to stretch I think.

That's that! Let's see if I can manage to follow this a bit better this week, shall we?

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