Thursday, January 21, 2010


Every so often when I'm floating along in the world, I notice things that give me a small chuckle about God's love for all of His children.

I was driving home from work last week when I saw a small, black, Hyundai Accent hatchback. It was just plodding along through the traffic in the left hand lane minding its own business when I noticed that the headlights from the car behind it were shining right on the bumper sticker on the back of the car. It read: ATHEIST.

Since I was not in the left lane and therefore not going as quickly as the folks in that lane were going, not long after I saw the light from the car behind the Atheist shining directly on that bumper sticker - I saw that car coming into view. It was a light blue-green Hyundai Venture (an SUV considerably larger than the Accent) and as it came more and more into view I noticed that the license plate read "GODLVSU".

Before I get into this further - does anyone see the appropriateness of the headlight of a large car with the license plate "GODLVSU" shining directly onto the "ATHEIST" bumper sticker of another smaller car? Because I certainly did.

The two cars stayed in my view for a while because we were in a stretch that gets pretty clogged up during rush hour on a daily basis, which meant we weren't going anywhere any time soon. It was just long enough to get me thinking about how God must feel about Atheists. He's bigger than all of us, and He shines His light on us when we need it most, and He loves each and every one of us - even if we don't love Him back. The latter is clearly a category that Atheists fall into, since they don't even believe God exists.

Yet there He is. Right behind them the whole time, shining His light on them and saying "Hey! You! I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you."

And like a car sitting in traffic, they don't even notice or pay attention to the light behind them. The lack of attention doesn't make the light go away though, and His love is still right there behind us. His love is persistent, His love is consistent, and He pursues us to love Him back.

**Side note - when I was looking for an image of an Atheist bumper sticker I found this one as well. I think that this would have gone well on the GODLVSU car.

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QueenQuill said...

What a great post! Though I think that the bumper sticker at the end that reads, "God doesn't believe in atheists." should actually read, "God believes in Atheists." I think that's the point they were trying to get across with the bumper sticker, but perhaps not. The thing is, God believes in all of us, including Atheists, whether we believe in him or not. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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Talk to you later!