Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I apologize for not reporting back sooner and letting you all know how the fundraising went for our youth group. Have you ever had one of those life seasons where things are incredibly busy and before you know it... a whole bunch of time goes by? That's about where I'm at right now.

At any rate - I don't know if it was a function of my blog post or other publicity about the fundraising site, but our group was able to raise $2,035 of the $12,500 needed for the trip via the online fundraising tool which is just absolutely amazing. If you read this post and donated - I want to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart and the other leaders' hearts and our students' hearts. Your generosity means the world to us.

That said... we did have one person who left a comment - Paul! I've talked with Paul who will get his choice of the prizes that were donated, and as soon as he decides he'll be getting his goodies.

Having said that... yes, Paul won the giveaway, but at the end of the day he's not the only winner. Our students who have less financial burden on the trip because of the generosity of a few people are winners. Our leaders who will get to go to the Bahamas and experience leading students on a missions trip are winners. The people who are living day in and day out at All Saints Camp that will benefit from the good of our team and the other teams working with Next Step Ministries - they are the REAL winners.

So... THANK YOU for your support. It has been absolutely amazing to see how God has used His people to provide for this trip. It's abundantly clear that this is in His will for our students to experience.

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