Friday, March 4, 2011

Giveaway Alert at Town & Country Prep!

One of my oldest friends Kristin recently renewed her blogging aspirations and started up a "Town and Country Prep" blog. I enjoy reading her posts; in them she talks about preppy fashion, some of her trips (she recently talked about a trip to Foxwoods), reading, and other things that she loves to do and see. One of my favorite posts she's written so far was a recap of a trip to the outlet stores where she showcased her Ralph Lauren items that she snagged - including one of their cable knit sweaters. I agreed with her assessment of the cable quality; one of my favorite cardigans is my Ralph Lauren black cable knit hoodie that I snagged at TJ Maxx.

At any rate - the reason I am sharing this with you (besides shamelessly trying to get an old friend some new readers), is that she has posted that she's hit double-digit followers AND in celebration of that is having her very first giveaway! She'll be giving away a notepad from Three Designing Women from a steal she got over at One King's Lane - and of course I'm entering this fabulous contest, because I have an problem with stationary. I love it. That's my problem.

I went over and checked out the goods over at Three Designing Women, and I have to say the designs are VERY pretty. I love a lot of them, but got excited to see that they do have some blue & chocolate patterns. Check out these patterns I found!

Notecard Pattern - the center is so you can add your personalized stamp.

Isn't this notepad gorgeous?

THEY SELL BOOKMARKS! I love bookmarks.
Anyways - if you love stationary and want a chance to get some fo' free from a company whose product looks super pretty: this is the contest you want to enter. Head on over to Kristin's blog and put your name in the hat!

Link Recap:
Kristin's Contest (enter until 3/9): CLICK HERE
Three Designing Women (because their stuff looks purty, even if you don't win): CLICK HERE
One King's Lane (deals on homegoods, gourmet food, stationary, and more!): CLICK HERE

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Town and Country Prep said...

Wow, what an amazing plug! You are too generous :-)