Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Commuting - A Perspective

When Steve and I were house-hunting, we didn't take my commute to and from work into account for a few reasons. One of these reasons is that I don't mind commuting. It allows me some time to myself, some time to people watch, some time to unwind before I get home. This morning I realized that there are lots of things that cross my mind and think about and I observe or do while I'm gallivanting back and forth to the place I spend a third of my weekly existence. I thought it could be fun to share a few of them with you. Maybe you can relate.

(After scratching the inside of my nose) "Wow... that guy in the plumbing truck totally just saw me doing that. And he's on the phone telling his friend. Great. Good thing I'm married or I'd feel awkward right now because a decent looking guy saw me pick my nose."

Once when I had my old Buick I was driving to work with the windows down (the A/C didn't work that well). Stuck in dead-stop traffic, I made the most of it. I turned up my Alanis Morrisette CD and started singing along to the music. I looked over to my right, and an older couple whose windows were also down had caught me in the act. They smiled, waved, and I was glad to see that someone appreciated my ability to have fun in traffic. 

"This is a lot of traffic. I'm guessing there's a massacre of a car wreck up ahead." (A few minutes later...) "Nope... nope. Just a tiny bumper bump. Move along people."

I see more BMW's broken down on the side of the road than any other "luxury" car on a regular basis. Why do people buy these things again?

Of all the things that have changed on this interstate over the years, it's good to see they still haven't taken down the "Jesus Saves" signs.  There's something reassuring about that daily reminder. 

Someone added that bottom sign sometime in 2009 or 2010. It disappeared after a few months, but the "Jesus Saves" sign is still posted on either side of the highway in the same area on an electric pole - and has been for ages.

I wonder if anyone else just wants to get home so they can have a hug after the day they had. I wonder if anyone here that doesn't have someone wishes they had someone to hug. I wonder if they saw that sign back there.

Those clouds are pretty dark... looks like a thunderstorm. Wait... why the crap is it SNOWING???

Why is it when I've got plenty of time to get to work there's no traffic at all... but when I'm either running late or JUST have enough time: I don't move. 

It's a nice feeling to arrive safely to your destination.  

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