Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sept! Siete! Seven!

As I was reading through the blogs on my Google Reader, I discovered that one of my oldest friends Kristin over at Town and Country Prep tagged me for the "7 Things Blog Award". First of all - THANKS to Kristin for the tag and second of all - if you haven't seen Kristin's blog, take a pop over and check her out. She's a really cool person and so far her posts (her blog is relatively new and she just came down with the flu - poor thing!) have been great!

Now... on to the who point of this post which is 7 things about MOI!

1. I love reading and will read just about anything from any genre. I have a propensity to read multiple books at a time and will often take way too long to get through them as a result. Right now as you can see in my sidebar - I'm reading 5 books. Ridiculous! But they're all good and I'll likely finish all of them.

2. I am acrophobic (acrophobia = fear of heights) but only in so far as thinking that if I am not properly protected from high-up that I will fall and get incredibly hurt. So for example: I can easily go to the tall tourist attractions or fly in a plane without issue. However, I cannot climb scaling walls without panicking and have been known to have a bit of anxiety getting on the Tower of Terror at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Tree climbing? Hot air balloon rides? Getting too close to a canyon/mountain edge? Forget about it. Ain't happenin'.

3. I discovered my faith and started to follow Jesus Christ in mid/late 2006. As a result I've discovered what a hot mess I am and have realized that through Him I can work on a lot of what's broken - it's amazing what the power of God's grace can do to a person's life. It's also changed my perspective on the world as a whole, which has been incredibly powerful as well.

4. I have a BA in Psychology that I paid for the bulk of myself through various loans and payment plans. I feel like I value my education more because I did work so hard to pay for school; I know myself and if it had been paid for by primarily other sources, I don't think I would have appreciated the education and experience as much. Also - it made the help I did get all the more meaningful because I couldn't depend on it, so it became a very meaningful gift rather than something I would depend on and potentially take it for granted.

5. Aside from my husband, my best friend is my Mom. I feel incredibly blessed to say that because not many people have the relationship with their mother like I have with mine. One of the best birthday gifts I got last year was an entire weekend with just my mom (she turned 50 and I turned 30 last year). Quality time with her is always a huge blessing!

6. I have always loved cooking shows; I have memories of sitting on my Papa Cochrane's bed next to him as a small child watching "Yan Can Cook", "The Frugal Gourmet" and Julia Child on PBS. He would watch it with his headphones on, but unplug them when I came in so I could watch too. BUT -  my guilty pleasure is almost any "Food Network" competitive type show. Think "Iron Chef", "Cupcake Wars", or "Worst Cooks in America". My favorite - "Chopped". I'm more than a little giddy about "Chopped: All Stars" coming up in March. There. I said it.

7. If being a housewife could pay the bills, I would do it in a heartbeat. I pray that when we have kids that I am able to be a stay-at-home mom. There's something incredibly satisfying to me about being able to provide that for my family. The days that I am able to get everything in order in the house and then cook a good meal for Steve & I are usually the days that I feel the most fulfilled.

So - those are my 7 things about me. I have almost fulfilled my requirements... but NOW I, in turn, have to tag 3 people... so without further adieu:

Mags over at Ms. Maggie Moo Talks 2 U: A friend of mine who writes a few times a week about her life in a fun and engaging style. Definitely check her out - she's got a huge blog following which I think attests to the quality of her blog.

Laura over at GreenThings: My good friend Laura who writes primarily about food and gardening. She's posted some really good looking comfort-food recipes recently, so definitely check her out!

Kimberly over at Kimberblog!: Another good friend of mine who recently moved to China. She's a really neat person who writes about her Chinese experience as well as crafting, vegan/vegetarian cooking, and other cool stuff.

There you have it! 7 things and 3 people tagged - mission accomplished. Thanks to Kristin for tagging me for the 7 Things Blog Award!

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