Friday, July 16, 2010

Looking for Help - Table Runner!

I am posting an absolute shameless cry for assistance.

I own a sewing machine. I recently only found out I own a sewing machine, and I have never used it. My specialty is crocheting with cooking at a tie - I don't sew (yet), which means I'm probably not terribly good at it. Certainly not good enough to be decorating my house, that's for sure.

Here's where I'm sending out the shameless cry for assistance.

I'm hoping that by the time my mom comes to visit in October, I can have our dining room finished. This means that I'll have our chairs reupholstered, curtain tie backs up, and table/china cabinet decorated by October 7th (she comes on the 8th). My problem? Since I don't yet know how to sew with a machine, I don't trust my undeveloped skills to create what will end up being the centerpiece for my dining room - a table runner.

I am asking - if there's anyone at all out there who knows how to sew that would be interested in performing this task for me - please let me know. Or refer someone. Either way. I would be extremely appreciative!!!

**Update - Kimberly from Kimberblog! has offered to do this. YAY for having crafty friends!!**

I'll buy the fabric, I'll pay for your labor. I'm even willing to barter with any non-crocheters out there for a scarf - winter IS right around the corner, you know.

Here's what I'm looking for. I want the runner to have this sort of basic pattern (two lines of trim with a center fabric, no tassles):

But using these two fabrics in place of what you see in the picture:

Tommy Bahama Cat Island Surf - this would be the two edges in the picture above

European Linen Cream - This would be the center fabric

If this is something you can do OR if you know someone who can do it - I would be incredibly appreciative.

Thanks in advance!!!

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