Friday, July 9, 2010

Coming Soon...

We are all moved.

We are in absolute AWE of how God provided for us as we prepared our new home and moved all of our belongings from our old apartment/storage unit to our house. We knew that we were taking a big risk in trying to do so much prep work (painting, flooring install) in a short period of time, and we also knew we were taking a risk in moving over a holiday weekend.

But we trusted that God would guide our hands and that He would provide. We had a TON of help and we are so grateful to our friends that were able to move our stuff, help paint, help clean, and provide support in lots of different ways as we moved into our home. I cannot stress enough how amazing the process has been as we've gotten settled and nested. We are incredibly grateful to God for His love & provision.

That said - we still don't have internet, so the blog will be better updated relatively soon after we do. I've got a few entries mulling around in my brain - and there might even be a guest appearance this summer from Steve and his grill in "Mission: Cookbook". That Bobby Flay book he's had collecting dust might actually get some use.

Hope that my handful of readers out there are enjoying their summers!!!

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