Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Easy-Peasy Minnie Mouse Party

Our daughter Evie turned one just about two weeks ago now, and that of course meant that I had to throw her a party. And by "party" I mean "invite over a few people so that we can take pictures and show her we threw her a party just like we threw her brother, who got a party because we needed to celebrate that we had a kid and didn't kill him."

But of course in the vein of wanting all things equal, I went ahead and made her a birthday banner and we got her a cake (that was way more money than we should have spent on a one year old's cake). In the course of getting things ready for the party, I realized that I had to admit something to myself.

Somewhere along the line I became that mom. The "Pinterest Mom".

I have to say that this is one of the things about myself that I'd been in denial about. No, I don't pin things and then do them. Ever. But then I realized that I LOVE Pinterest for things like filing recipes on webistes that I find in a way that I can never love the "bookmark" function of a web browser. I love that when I am looking for a simple craft to do with the kids for a gift for a grandparent, I can spend a little while and find a few ideas for now and for later. It's a place I can file away ideas for homemade play dough, homemade paint, and home decor.

When we decorated both kids' rooms, we pinned the ideas for the decor we liked so we could find it later. I've seen people use it to flag fashion ideas, and while that's something I haven't used it for yet I love the idea of doing it. In fact, maybe that's how I'll bathing suit shop this year. Spare myself the in-store torture.

And of course birthday parties for the kids. Will's had dinosaurs, Elmo, and this year will be Mickey Mouse. Evie's party was a Minnie Mouse party.

For those of you who find Pinterest a bit intimidating as well as some of the ideas that are on there, I figured I would put together a bit of a run-down of what I did, how I did it, and about how long it took.

Don't be intimidated, guys. It seriously wasn't hard.

Let's start with the things that I absolutely, 100% farmed out. First, this t-shirt. Got it on Etsy. I openly admit that this sort of crafting is NOT my cup of tea, and I am usually happy to support those who take the time to use their talents to make these things and sell them to those of us who aren't so gifted in these areas.

Shirt available on - LilMonkeyStitches Shop
I had already alluded to the fact that we spent way too much money on a cake. We went through a local baker who is experienced in baking for folks with peanut/treenut allergies and sent them a picture of something we found on the internet. She did an amazing job with the cake; we were absolutely floored. Also, I am not paying this much for a cake again until they turn 16... or maybe until they get married. Or to celebrate something really embarrassing. That might be worth it. Until then, these kids get cupcakes with plain frosting and cupcake toppers on them. And they'll like it.

Cake purchased from Bittersweet Bake Shoppe.

Next up, the banner. I got the background paper at Michael's in the scrapbook section and printed the letters off on my computer. I glued the letters to the background using a basic Elmer's Glue Stick, cut around it to allow some of the background to show, and then used a hot glue gun to adhere it to the yarn. I made the Minnie Mouse heads using a "sandwich cutter" that I got while in Florida as a template, but you can always find a printable stencil on the internet for this. The bows were made from scraps of the background paper from the lettering. It's held on the wall by plain old scotch tape.

Total time invested in this was probably about 1.5-2 hours over a few days.
This idea was kind of a flop for this party because it was a smaller party, but I had seen it done at showers and saw it on Pinterest for a birthday party so figured I'd give it a whirl. I picked up a $1 journal at the party store and put it out for people to sign and leave well wishes or a note for the birthday girl. I think that this would probably work better for a) a shower, b) if it had been a bigger party, or c) when she's a teenager and teenage girls like to make sure that everyone knows "OMG, You're so totally my BFF and ILY for being so awesome!" (or whatever teenage girls say). Anyways, the idea has potential... that's all I'm trying to say.

Frames for the printables came from the dollar store and I'll be using them later for a home project.
Double duty!
For food for this party, we did a pot-luck brunch and I kept the drinks in the fridge. I know that for birthday parties it might not be the best "etiquette" to do so, but I find pot-lucks to be super fun. My husband and I love sampling different foods, we love variety, and who doesn't enjoy a good brunch? We had an egg dish, muffins, tuna sandwiches, biscuits, strawberries, and then I had bought some San Pellegrino sodas and Honest Kids juice boxes. With the cake it was the perfect amount of food and really it allowed for a rather relaxed morning.

All printables were done in MS Publisher OR completely "stolen"from free downloads I found on Pinterest.
Other things that I got/did:

  • Pink polka dot plates from Michael's, pink cups from the party store, and pink cutlery from the dollar store. 
  • Balloons from the party store
  • Mom, Dad, and Will were all wearing Mickey Mouse shirts too

Overall, I found it wasn't too difficult to put the party decorations together and I walked away wanting to write this post and leave the moms out there who are overwhelmed with Pinterest one simple tip.

Pinterest is a big, giant, world of ideas - but it is just that. I know you've heard this a million times, but don't use it as a measure of your "worth" in any way. You don't have to be crafty to do some of the things on there, but it's a great source of ideas. Use Pinterest as a TOOL to help inspire things that you can do within your own talents and time.

**This post was NOT paid for or endorsed by either Pinterest OR the Disney Corporation. My kid likes Minnie Mouse and I like Pinterest. The end.

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