Saturday, December 3, 2011

Book Review: "Sabbath"

When I say the word "Sabbath" to you, what do you think of?

I know growing up, when I thought of people who celebrated the Sabbath I thought of stuffy families who got all dressed up and went to Mass (I grew up in a heavily Catholic area). After Mass they would go for a drive or sit at home and read, have a family dinner, pray together for AT LEAST an hour, and go to bed. It didn't seem terribly celebratory to me, so my Sundays (when I thought people took Sabbath) were spent watching football, spending time with family, sometimes going to a Color Guard practice or hanging out with friends.

I spent my Sundays doing things that I took joy in doing.

In Dan Allender's book "Sabbath", he takes the idea of a boring old Sabbath and turns it on its head. The Sabbath - as the Lord designed it for us to be - is a gift to us that we are to enjoy, savor, and cherish. In the midst of our hustle & bustle, overachieving world, we are given this beautiful gift of a Sabbath to relax and take joy in the wonderful blessings we have in our lives. It is to be a day of delight, play, enjoyment, and a taking in of the beauty in our worlds. Through the pages, Allender explains that the Sabbath looks different for every person but that at its core it should be composed of the things that bring us joy and delight.

Reading this book really helped me to understand not only the purpose of the Sabbath, but also assisted in helping me realize how incredibly wonderful the day can be for each of us. Because "Sabbath rest is not an option, it is a commandment", it is important that we understand and really put into practice the things that go into our lives & weeks to make up this day. God has provided me with so many wonderful resources and things that it is wrong for me to allow the business and busyness of my life to get in the way of this wonderful gift. What are the things that bring me joy? What can I do to take pieces of the other six days and get ready to prepare for the Sabbath? How can I inspire my family and friends to do the same? What is God doing in my life right now... and yesterday... and the day before... and coming up... that gives cause for joy and celebration?

I appreciate the words in Allender's book more than I thought I would when I got it and cracked it open to dive in. I think that this book is worth a second read, the next time with a highlighter and a pen to take notes and write reminders to myself. There are so many ways that God has blessed me in my life, it is a shame that I am not properly and consistently taking a gift that is so important He made it a commandment and giving it the attention and respect that it needs. The Sabbath is a day that deserves - no, needs - me to devote more time & effort in preparing and partaking in it.

If you've ever wondered WHAT the Sabbath is and HOW you can incorporate it into your life - this is definitely a book you should get your hands on. In fact, if you do get your hands on it and want to discuss it with me - let me know that too. I would love to hear your thoughts and the efforts you put forward to hold the Sabbath holy in your own life.


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