Friday, December 10, 2010

The First of Many

When Steve and I were house hunting, I would always make sure to talk to my mom about houses we were considering putting an offer on. During these conversations, she would always ask me the same question.

"Do you know where the Christmas tree is going to go?"

This, apparently, is one of the key indicators in finding the right house. For us, it was the Christmas tree and our China cabinet that we inherited from Steve's grandmother - but none the less, the Christmas tree became a factor in our house search. When we found this house and took our first tour, we knew immediately where the tree and china cabinet would go (this, of course, did not stop my indecisive woman nature to change my mind and eventually end up at the same place we said both would go in the first place).

Right around the end of October, Steve and I had settled in and our house finally started to feel like home. I think it was the moment we came here after our vacation that it really sunk in for me; when we got upstairs and put our bags down, it had that "aaaah" feeling of home. Decorating the house for Christmas made it even further feel like home. It wasn't that feeling that we'd had in our first and second apartments of just putting decorations up wherever. No, this year there was planning and much more thought and care put into decking our halls with our own touches. We made this house our home for Christmas, and even though we toyed with the idea of doing something other than being in our new home for Christmas this year - once we looked around at everything, we knew that we wanted to spend our first Christmas in our new home IN our new home.

Here are some of the shots of what our place looks like, all decked out for Christmas:

Bienvenue! Welcome to our home!

Our foyer trimmed with "pine" garland.
Our tree and the stockings "hung by the chimney with care".
We put candles in our windows.
A couple of shots from our kitchen.

I wanted to share this with you because for some reason decorating our home for Christmas put a stamp on something for me. I'm - we're - settled. Growing up we moved around a lot, but I remember when my parents bought their last house in Methuen in my sophomore year of high school. That first Christmas I knew in my heart that was going to be home for a while - and it was home for me until my parents moved to Tennessee and it was time for me to start my life with Steve in 2005 (even though that was still a time of transition because of college). I did the math once, and I think that if you count the moves in college, I moved on average once every 2 years from 1985 til 2005.

But now I'm actually settled, and I don't feel like I'm going to constantly be in transition. We're married, we're hoping to start a family here, we've already had people to dinner here and laughter and love have already echoed off of our walls. Feeling settled and having roots is an amazing feeling for me, and for some reason being in our first home solidified that for me. I know we won't necessarily live here forever, but we will for a while - and there's a lot to feel blessed about and to be grateful for in that knowledge.

Now, I know that a home is not defined by what your four walls are... but for a girl who did a lot of moving around at a young age and had a lot of uncertainty surrounding some parts of her life for a time... well, truthfully, no words can express fully how it feels to be settled. To know that your marriage will last, to know that you're not going anywhere for a while - it's truly an amazing feeling.

I don't take it for granted. I thank God every day for the blessings He's given me in my husband, our marriage, and the home we've been given - He has shown me that He indeed provides, and He is good.

Oh - and I know where our Christmas tree will always stand as long as this house is our home.

New Home - 2010


Tammy said...

Danielle, I have know you for a very long time....I saw you as a small child, a pre teen, a teen, a young adult and the woman you are amaze me. You have grown into a beautiful, confident woman and I am so proud of you. I am glad you and Steve (that is so weird) are so happy together, I am happy you have found your peace and I pray you are able to continue to have that feeling for the rest of your life. Your children when they come will be blessed with a woman who is stong, loved, setteled and able to give this all to them, as you know for a child that is very important. Keep up your good work and if you ever need someone I am here.

I love ya

Anonymous said...

I love the way your house looks for the holidays. Everything Tammy says is so true....the path you are on with Steve is a wonderful blessed journey. You both can only find more treasures in your future because you have each other to guide you on your way.
I love you both....Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

PS.....Anonymous is me....Mom....

Fashion Meets Food said...

Your place is absolutely gorgeous. I dream of having a fireplace and a gorgeous staircase to decorate. Instead I am stuck in an apartment in a town I don`t even want to be in lol.


Jen said...

Your house is so beautifully decorated!! And it's so neat too! My place is never that neat ;-)