Friday, August 27, 2010

Top 5 - Football Snack Foods

Football season is just around the corner (pre-season is already well underway) and that means it's time to start thinking about stocking up on the Sunday afternoon snacks. I know that Steve is already excited for afternoons of chili & pulled pork while we watch the boys of fall snap some balls and score some touchdowns. My handy-dandy Tedi Bruschi jersey is ready for wearing, and I'm already excited for the season opener of my beloved Patriots. All I need now are the snacks... which makes me think about my

Top 5 Football Snack Foods
Cheese, Crackers, & Pepperoni: This trifecta is the absolute must-have combo for me if we're having a football party. I love the taste of a good sharp cheddar paired with a slice or two of pepperoni on top of a butter cracker (think: Ritz). Aside from the fact that this is such a tasty combo, it's often one of the first trays of food to go at any party - let alone a football party where people eat nervously as their team drives them to the point of screaming at televisions.

Doesn't this make you just want to stack a cracker up and stuff it in your mouth?

Ripple Chips with Sour Cream & Onion Dip: Growing up, my mom sometimes would make us sour cream & onion dip with a packet of Lipton French Onion Soup mix. That and a bowl of Market Basket brand ripple chips made the perfect football or party snack for my siblings & I. To this day, I still think that the dip made with the Lipton soup packet is the best onion dip around. 

Great. Now I want to make some Lipton Onion dip right now. Sheesh.

Chili: While this may not qualify as a technical snack food, because I tend to make at least 3-4 batches of it during football season and munch on it while I watch the game - I'm listing it here. I have my own recipe for a turkey chili that I've created and "perfected" over the years that lends itself to adjustable heat (I make it mild-ish so that people can heat it up themselves to their liking). A small bowl of chili with some shredded cheese on top is a great way to curl up and watch the first quarter of a football game (in my humble opinion).

This is not my chili, as is evident by the watermark from iStock photo. It is how I like my chili though; with cheese and cornbread.

Goldfish or TLC Country Cheddar Crackers: I've always been a fan of anything cheese, and recently I've found that Goldfish and especially the TLC Country Cheddar crackers hit the spot way better than the greasy Cheez-It crackers we've all had at some point in our lives. They're comparable in price to the Cheez-Its and just as (if not more, I think) addicting. These and a nice glass of ice water... TOUCHDOWN!!!

Kashi also has $1 off coupons every so often, making this box of goodness usually less than $2!
Pizza Rolls: Pizza is great at football games (especially if someone brings beer), but I think that it's awfully messy & takes up way too much room on that snack plate. Pizza ROLLS, on the other hand, offer the bite-sized goodness that I love at a football party as well as satisfy that fantastic craving I'll get for pizza during the "4-O'Clock Games". With lots of varieties to choose from (and low-junk-in-their-food brand Alexia coming out with gourmet ones as well) these little pockets of pizza awesome are always on my list.

Addicting pockets of goodness, in all their glory.

Only a couple more weeks until the season opener, and I am already ready to go. September 12 at 1:00... Pats vs. Bengals... the boys of fall take the field and (hopefully) the Pats will dominate. Anyone want to come over and share some awesome snack food with me?

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