Monday, June 7, 2010

The Giraffe

Last night we went to our friends' house to watch the Celtics/Lakers game over appetizers and conversation. About halfway into the first quarter, I made a comment about how I am admittedly not a fan that watches every C's game (I follow the write-ups on the games in the news), but when I have caught them and Pau Gasol (one of the players on the Lakers) is playing - for some reason his faces annoy me.

My friend Laura (who is a much bigger basketball fan than I am) said: "Yes! I think he looks like a giraffe!"

I looked at the TV again and waited for him to come back on.

Then he did - and I exclaimed "YES! Oh my goodness - he totally does look like a giraffe!!"

What do you think?

From that moment on in the game I could not stop thinking about it. Every time they showed him I thought - giraffe. It was like a bad car wreck in my brain. Every time he came on I thought (and I think said) "There's the giraffe again...". At the end of the game when it was apparent that the Lakers were going to lose - he looked like a sad giraffe. Laura commented that she was glad that I agree with her because apparently other people haven't seen it when she's said it in the past. I don't see how people couldn't see it really...

Sad giraffe.

To note - an internet search to find pictures for this post this morning also turned up this gem comparing Pau Gasol to a llama. Aren't llamas & giraffes related?

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Laura Haven said...

That Llama picture is pretty good too! Awesome.