Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mission Cookbook: Rice-Cream

This was the first big weekend of spring, and with it came all sorts of plans for dinners and lunches where I did not have to cook. While wonderful, it meant that for this week's Mission Cookbook dessert would be the best option to choose.

I know, utterly heartbreaking to have to make a dessert on Easter weekend.

Steve surveyed our cookbook collection and chose Cooking with Mickey and the Disney Chefs when I told him that our course would be dessert. While he was sitting in the salon chair getting his haircut, I perused the contents and chose a Rice Cream with Strawberry Sauce. This particular recipe is featured in Epcot at the Restaurant Akershus in World Showcase's Norway pavilion and is a traditional Norwegian dessert.

I gathered everything I needed and got to work.

In order to get this ready to go, there were several things I had to do including make the strawberry sauce and get the rice all cooked up and ready to go.

When it was all done and ready to be consumed, I served it in small glasses with the strawberry sauce drizzle. Steve garnished it for the photo op with some mint sprigs I had in the fridge.

The dish is served basically at room temperature (you cool the rice to room temperature and then fold in homemade whipped cream) and is pretty filling. The glasses I used were basic juice glasses, so they aren't terribly big. Steve and I both enjoyed it; it is really a very simple dish and though it takes a while from start-to-finish to actually make - when it's done it's well worth the wait.

We did decide that if I were to make it again I would likely substitute skim or almond milk for the whole milk I used this time to see how it works out. Also, we've decided that this would be good with any variety of preserves to make the sauce - blueberries or peaches I think would be awesome.

Can't wait until next week's recipe adventure!

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Steve Athanas said...

Steve's take:
So, I thought this was a pretty banal dessert at first, but after half of the glass was gone, I realized it was growing on me. Admittedly, most of the flavor comes from the sauce, but the texture is pretty enjoyable. I think that next time, trying something other than strawberry could be fun. Maybe apricot. Definitely get something with a bit of acidity though, to balance out all the basic cream and rice that's the foundation of this offering.